The lady is a tramp

Tle others have found their graves in her cliffs, encompassed by her arms. Forever surrounded by her majestic mystery and mist. Hidden in her secrets where the time stays forever still.

She is a wonder and an enigma. The love for her has no limits.

Yes, she embraces both life and death with the same passion. This famous Lady, the most beautiful of them all; Mount Blancehe morning kept my feelings close to this Lady who never sleeps or slumbers. She shows her face day and night, in all kinds of weather. A magnificent Lady who holds both life and death in her hands.
Her eyes constantly watch and guard the villages down below her; her knights. And her voice always whispers or howls. Keeping mild love or fierce cruelty in her breath. But she is never evil.

Many are they, who have climbed her breast to reach her heart, her depth and height. Obsessed with her beauty and strength. Some have returned as enlightened heroes. Whi


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