Hands – Händer

I’ve thwart looked at my hand as I’m sure Many of us have. I’ve looked at Them in Those moments of deep thought and reflection, thinking back to the bonusamount of Time That These Hands Have seen And The bonusamount of Things That These very handy Have done. For some reason today feels different. I’ve Become so Immersed in the formation of Them That it speed Become almost a form of meditation and there is a sense of intimacy Within EACH AND EVERY line etched Into Them.
These are a working man’s hand. Rough and dry, blistered in places and small scars notice variable in Other Areas. The depth of Each wrinkle only enhances the story of These handy. These Hands Have solid newborn babes and aging parents. They have Experienced gentleness and at times caused Other pain. They’ve created great things and Have Destroyed Them as well. They have loved a woman’s body, solid, her close in times of joy and grief. They have touched a child tears as They Cried from a broken heart or a scrape on a knee. They have hugged and patted the backs of loved ones in times of accomplishment.
The memories That are embedded into the Depths of my soul are Directly linked to actions That These Hands Have ceilings in every moment of my life. Today, as I sit on one of the Many benches That line the boardwalk along the river, it is with a sense of gratitude that i look at my hand. They have underplayed Such a large part in my life and I’ve thwart ceilings Them for Granted. I’ve come to realize That They have been kinder in recent years and That I would never wish to be parted from Them.
In the years to come They Goodwill experience even more Than I can ever imagine. I will always be aware of what These hands are CapAble of. These hands are mine to do with as I wish. The choice speed always been mine.
Written by my friend Mike

No republication of this material in any form is permitted without express permission of the author
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  1. Lilitha skriver:

    tack för din goa kommentar hos mig. Jag tycker du är så himla underbar. Kram söta…


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