The Tale

The Tale

I call him midwinter and decembernight, but also secret names i can not mention. This man who arouses all my senses will surely get many names in times to came. Some i can tell, others i have to keep in a holy grail in secret. They live in me every one, hidden, of many reasons.
Yes, the old tale was true. I did not think it was. Now i know. Such a beauty, such a pain, a pain i gladly carry. This is my treasure, even if he will stay in silence forever.

The dark nights sadly ringing
when golden dawn arrives
When the dew falls faithfully
and strong every new morning
And pain and hurt feelings flee
when red light of dawn
is shining through every sigh

I saw you in my dream
I saw you on the meadow
I heard you, you sang
So it is true, the old tale
Only a heart who loves
can hear the singing on the meadow
And only a man with a
heart of a knight can sing it.
You where the one who sang
and got everything to glow and sparkle
and wrapped my heart in
a purple light of hurt and love


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